Side Table Made From Old Windows

Old windows still can enjoy live after being used as a traditional window. This article shows how old  Farmhouse windows were used to be turned into tables. It’s a small project and

Rain Gutter Bookshelves

People find some many uses for things, I’m amazed sometimes. This one caught me eye when doing research on rain gutters. The article turns Rain Gutters into Bookshelves. Who would

Little Bathroom Makeover for $50

Ever feel like your bathroom needs some pizzazz, but don’t have a lot of money to spend? You may find some inspiration in this article. Misty Gaines-Johnson had just moved

DIY Beach Sand Vases

Everyone likes going to the beach, and everyone likes all of the cool sand decorations at the beach, but they are so expensive. Follow this tutorial to learn how to

Faux Galvanized Hanging Planter

This post takes something ordinary, a cheap item and give it a makeover to make it look too spent more money on it than your actually did. The look on

Hand Painted Welcome Chair

Chairs can be the simplest and most boring thing in a house, porch, or whatever. Chairs are  very often overlooked because all we really do in it is sit on

DIY Trick To Keep Your Boots Standing Up

The beauty of this simple life hack is that it combines two items from opposite seasons in a harmonious way. My collection of winter boots is always looking sad and

Holiday Lights or Yard Lights

Lighting up your outdoor space doesn’t need to be a holiday tradition. Anytime is good time to light things up. Add some light and festivity to your yard, either during

Pallet LED Lamp

Look on the web and you’ll find all kinds of pallet projects. Pallets can be used in so many ways. This project turns an old unwanted pallet into a beautiful